My Story

ENiiD Goodman is a musician and visual artist/teacher who was born Nov. 21st, 1973 (a twin) in Ottawa to parents who immigrated from Sweden & England. She has called Wakefield, Québec her home since 1999 and lives with her family on her 100 Mile Farm homestead. ENiiD’s name means “Spirit” in Welsh and is shared with her Swedish grandmother. Her debut album (Nov. 2015) is A Celebration of Joni Mitchell; songs by & for her + stories. She specializes in Joni’s music and stories about her incredible life. ENiiD has toured extensively across Canada and the United States. In 2018 she successfully battled throat cancer. Even though she was told she may never sing again she is thrilled to be back performing & recording some new tunes. ENiiD looks forward to continuing to share the joy music brings and connecting with other lovers of the arts through social media and live shows and her visual art.